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The ONE Festival Structure


The ONE Festival is designed to showcase the solo performer. Solo performers are paired up two per night over the course of one week. All performers have between two or three performances during the course of the festival depending on the number of pieces in the competition.


The ONE Festival Selection Criteria:

  1. A Strong Narrative: A complete theatrical story structure.
  2. Stage presence: A performer that is dynamic, consistent, intuitive and able to react to many challenges of live theater.
  3. Strong Work Ethic: We look for performers not solely based on execution but also on their ability to put together the necessary efforts in the creative process to bring a piece to life.


The ONE Festival Winner:

The festival prides itself on supporting strong theatrical criteria but we also know that the business of theater in New York City is the most competitive in the world. Any given week there are hundreds of shows and festivals in every art discipline competing for the same audience dollars. Year after year very strong and talented artist in our city particularly in theater perform to an empty audiences. Even commercial Broadway projects close because of lack of audiences.

It is for this reason that we decided once we did our work meeting strong artistic standards that it would be in the hands of the market to decide the winner.


This process has taught us two important things:


  • Competition is a good thing historically winners of the festival are not solely passive competitors they also drive audiences into the house. The reality of the our business is that we have to “Put People in seats.” All artist at every level can not expect to be successful if they just passively sit back and wait for their audience to walk in the door. They must actively participate in their success. We have learned historically with our festival that the artist drive audiences above the effort of the festival are usually the artist with among the strongest work being presented.


  • Driving audience does not guarantee a popularity contest vote. The structure of the competition begins with two shows head to head and an anonymous vote that has historically demonstrated to us, that even though audience members come with an idea who they came to support; that once presented with two great performances the decision is not quite as simple as they thought and we are often met with the following question: “will my friend know that I did not vote for them?” However in the event of a tie the winner is selected by the festival board based on the strongest elements set forth in the selection criteria.