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Written and Performed by Nancy Lombardo Directed by Rhonda Hansome

One womans  comic journey exploring why movies are “the best way out …of your mind!”


Nancy Lombardo Comedian, Actress, Writer. was a writer/performer for John Leguizamo’s show, House of Buggin. Credits include The Colin Quinn Show ,“All my Children” PBSComedy Tonight, Nickelodeon and the Comedy Channel. The Nancy Lombardo Showchannel 56/83/34 NYC and WWW.MNN.ORG Fridays 7PM EST. She is the host of Comedy Concepts Blog Talk Radio.


Written and Performed by Lorraine Velez

Lorraine has toured both nationally and internationally in a variety of shows.  Among the productions she has appeared in are: RENT and  DREAMGIRLS on Broadway & BLUES IN THE NIGHT, MARIA DE BUENOS AIRES and WEST SIDE STORY. And on London’s West End, FAME, MISS SAIGON, OUT OF THE BLUE and PORGY AND BESS.  Lorraine received both the ACE and ATI best actress award for her role as Vera Clemente in DC7-THE ROBERTO CLEMENTE STORY, which ran Off-Broadway and toured in Pittsburg, Chicago and Puerto Rico.


Her proudest achievement has been singing for His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Television and movie credits: LAW AND ORDER, ELEMENTARY, PINERO and HBO LATINO, and In the UK; DOCTOR WHO, CASUALTY, FRIGHTMARES.  She thanks her family, her husband Patrick and son Joaquin for all their love and support.



The story of one woman’s passage through grief, loss and fear.  Creating a successful career in theatre, travelling the world and meeting unusual people, she learns how to move through self-alienation and arrive at a place of love and acceptance.



One woman overcomes her addiction to disappearing by awakening to the truth of who she really is.


Written By Belange Rodriguez and Amneris Morales

Directed By: Amneris Morales

Performed: Belange Rodriguez

Belange Rodríguez is a young actress with an extensive experience in theatre, films and TV in Puerto Rico and New York. She’s worked for various shows for Telemundo International in PR. In NY she’s worked on Broadway (Latinologues) and Off-Broadway (Repertorio Español and PRTT). ACE, HOLA and IATI Awards recipient.



A young woman who is suffering from depression and living in loneliness is debating whether to attend an Award Ceremony or not. Finally, it takes a blackout for her to see the light.



In this world full of communications devices people are lonelier than ever.


Written and Performed by Andres Chulisi Rodriguez

He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.


Andres got his first taste of theater in Junior High School where he found that dancing was his passion.


He auditioned and attended Julia Richman H.S where he enrolled in the Talented Unlimited program.  That is where he honed his acting skills. He majored in musical theater which taught him how to sing, dance and do a bit of acting. Out of the three it was singing that called to him and landed him right into the freestyle era.


It was in these clubs that he was introduced to a producer is his neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn.


They both produced a freestyle song called “In The Rain” under the name Pro & The Groove. He released another song called Dirty Talk under the label Strictly Rhythm.


It was at the famous dance club Palladium that he met a young playwright that would offer Andres an acting gig in an off Broadway show called “Life’s A Drag”.  It wasn’t till the mid 90’s that he wrote his life story and put it up on stage called – “Making Of A Wo-man”.  It was a combination of monologues dealing with his life with stand up in between at the famous Nuyorican Poets Café down town. We turn the clock 15yrs later and Andres returned with his own comedy troupe Lose Control and can be seen on Youtube under Losecontroltv. In 2013 he received the H.O.L.A award for best solo performance for Growing Up Gonzalez. You can now get his self-published book of personal essays and poetry called Slip Trips and Falls on Amazon which is based on his one man show I’m Just Saying.



This one man show is a true account of the hardships and struggles of growing up in NYC in the 80’s until present time. With monologues based on people he has met and stand up he tells you his life experiences that allow you to understand and bring you to an identifiable ride of laughter and emotions based on the human experience.



through life’s trials and tribulations you must always find the funny!


Written and Performed by Claudine Bryant

Claudine is an Actress, Writer, Teaching Artist and part time DJ in New York City.  She received her BA in Communications and Fine Arts Theatre from Ramapo College of New Jersey and later continued to study acting at William Esper Studio and Primary Stages in New York City. Claudine is currently developing a web series based on “Temporarily Yours” and she still continues to develop and perform “Temporarily Yours” at various venues.



“Temporarily yours” is a humorous and sarcastic look at several different office personalities, as seen and portrayed through the eyes of “Corrine”, a struggling actress who supplements her income as an office temp.



The office tales of an actress who refuses to starve and her relationships with workplace personalities that we all know too well.

“West of Williamsberg or WHITE NOISE”

Written and Performed by Cathie Boruch

Cathie Boruch is a New Jersey Native who has been writing, acting and dancing on New York stages and screens and sidewalks for many years . She has studied and been directed by John Strasberg, Thomas G Waites. Circle in the Square , UCB, TNC, Sue Sammuels and can be seen on many tv and film shows. One Life To Live, Hookd Up, Good Wife, Sex in the City and all other programs as background or feature.


West of Williamsberg or WHITE NOISE is a reflection of the changing form of creativity in New York through the late  1980’s till. Now.
We follow how artists snuck in the media and communicate their very specific messages in very funny ways !


Written by Tricia Brouk and Performed by Francesca Van Horne

Dancing Through It is the story of a girl, a woman, and a superwoman conjuring up the courage to leave a toxic relationship, and choosing to do it with grace and humor.


Francesca Van Horne had a successful run of ‘Dancing Through It’ at The Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC, inspired by her writing ‘Tales From The Trundle’ DTI was written and directed by Tricia Brouk. Francesca will be performing this piece in Paris under the direction of Andres Peyrot at Le Theatre du Gymnase this Spring. Francesca stars in the soon to be released feature film ‘El Gallo’ written by Joel Luna, directed by Ali Abouomar and Monte Bezell. In her role as ‘Carlos’ Camilla Gonzales she speaks Spanish and English as the kingpin of the underground boxing ring and the righthand woman to the Don. Francesca also stars in the feature ‘St Nicholas’ written by award winning playwright AR Garcia, playing therapist Dr Perez, directed by Jose Esquea. Francesca had great reviews from Anne Bogart for her stage performance in ‘Two Sisters’, directed by Juan Pablo Felix, written by Fabio Orjuela. ‘Two Sisters’ is securing the rights to this Almodovarian style story and having it adapted to a screenplay and Francesca is hoping to go into production on TS this year. She is also producing “Fifty Shades of F***D Up, Not Darker and Not Freed” a musical parody feature written and directed by Tricia Brouk. Francesca is also founding a theatrical production company with Monte Bezell, Jade Lane, and Abraham Makany which will be based in NYC and provide an environment for artists to develop and cultivate their work. Name TBA. She can also be seen in several national commercials, including Lowes, Little Debbie, and Pepperidge Farms to name a few. She is a member of SAG-AFTRA, NYWIFT, and The Field.


Written and Performed by Marlene Villafane Directed by Byron C. Saunders


Peppered with her impressions of original characters, her favorite TV & film characters & celebrities, such as Eartha Kitt, Julie Andrews & even Fran Drescher, and through her storytelling and songs, Marlene Villafane takes you through a ride of the events that led her to find her personal power and voice again while growing up gawky, and painfully shy in the Upper West Side. “Hello Everyone, this is Eartha Kitt and I want to thank all of you and this fabulous city. Rrrrrrrrrrrr”!



Marlene Villafane takes us on a journey of her life growing up a gawky and shy Puerto Rican in NYC.


Marlene’s thrilled about The One Festival. She’s from NYC & of Puerto Rican descent; Harold Prince’s “Show Boat” (Julie) Australian tour; winner 2009 IMTA Vocal Grand Prize. She thanks God, her mother Nancy, her dad, Carmen, Javier, family, friends, Adjua Mantebea, Byron, Veronica Caicedo, the musicians & her guardian angels.

“Theatre Obsession: Saucy Tales from the Aisle”

Written and Performed by Connie Perry

Connie Perry is an artist, comic performer, publicist and writer. She received a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art, then moved from Boston to New York City to pursue her varied creative endeavors. Connie has interesting film credits, many stage appearances. She is currently facilitating public art postcard projects.



Theatre Obsession is a plea to re-connect to an almost  lost love of theatre. A pesky memoir of theatrical hopes, Connie mixes sly dashes of comedy with who-can’t -disagree-with-her survival stories.



A comedic plea from a bewildered performer to get back some long lost theatrical dreams!


Written and Performed by Christian Morales, Directed by James Estevez


A glimpse into the world and life of CASEY IBANEZ AKA KID MARAVILLA (KID MARVELOUS). The inner city Washington Heights Bachatero who through a personal recount made on an uptown A-train bound platform, made in between songs. He takes you into his world of vivid vibratos and accounts of his fast lived; hard lane; colorful life. From the underbelly of underground at mom and pop restaurants, to sexy hardnose after joints where live hardcore Bachata bands headlined into the wee hours of the dawn and mornings in New York City. Today’s digital world of the music industry. To the downside of personal downfall given to drug addiction; segued into personal recovery. And the evolution of Washington Heights since the Rudy Giulliani era.



“The tale inner city Bachatero KID MARAVILLA in the midst of the emergence of a present day hip Washington Heights.”


CHRISTIAN MORALES is a native New Yorker. A seasoned Thespian who is deeply immersed in the actor’s process. Through the course of Christian’s acting journey he was able to begin his thespian studies at NEW MEDIA REPERTORY ACTING COMPANY under Miranda McDermott for a period of two years where he studied METHOD ACTING in the tradition and approach of THE STANISLAVSKI SYSTEM derived from the MOSCOW ART THEATRE. Christian thereafter studied at HB STUDIOS, WARD ACTING STUDIO, & THE ATLANTIC ACTING SCHOOL. Christian later discovered the MEISNER TECHNIQUE a variation of METHOD ACTING. Christian was fortunate to study, tutored, & nurtured by Ron Stetson of The Neighborhood Playhouse- MEISNER TECHNIQUE- and Master acting teacher Robert X. Modica of The Neighborhood Playhouse; also in the MEISNER TECHNIQUE. Last but not least Christian studied,wrote and performed with the acting troupe led by acting instructor Tom Demenkoff of the STELLA ADLER STUDIO of Acting Out Reach Division.


Written and Performed by Nessa Rodriguez, Directed by Carlos Berrios


Nessa is a hot feisty Latina Lesbian living in NYC who decides to get engaged to a man. His name is Eddie, and he is one of a kind.


Nessa takes you on a journey, describing from the day they meet, to their comical adventures in the bedroom and how they survive the stereotypes of today’s society.


“Come and Knock on My Door” is the story of a couple that are truly meant to be together, one just happens to love women as much as the other. But in the end it’s their unique views on relationships and each other that will make you laugh out loud.



A hot feisty Latina Lesbian defies convention and falls in love with a free spirited confident man, taking on all the challenges of one of the most unique and hilarious relationships ever.



Nessa Rodriguez studied at the H.S. of Art and Design in NYC, where she majored in Media Communications. She trained at the Raul Julia Training Unit, HB Studios, The PIT and the Abrons Art Center and has appeared in a number of short films. These challenging projects fueled Nessa’s desire to write and star in her new production, “Come and Knock On My Door”.


Written and Performed by Marilyn Torres


When a tragic event hits Minka’s newly formed support group, chaos ensues from the very funny to the most profoundly difficult as they are forced to confront their brokenness, discover their shared connection and find a way, maybe, for some to heal.




Marilyn Torres hails from Harlem, New York. She’s graced the stage in plays such as Water By The Spoonful at The Old Globe, Breath Boom at Yale Rep, Agony of the Agony at The Vineyard, Bike America at The Alliance Theater and Ma­Yi Theater. Film credits include Maid in Manhattan, Lady in the Water, Bella, Bernard & Doris, The Arrangement, Musical Chairs and Home. She’s had principle roles on Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, The Unusuals, Flight of the Concord, Third Watch and The Chris Rock Show. Ms. Torres was also part of The Downtown Plays produced by Robert Dinero. She is recipient of The HBO Comedy Arts Jury Award for the theater piece, Late Night, Early Morning. Marilyn has written solo shows called I Have Something to Say and Unzipped. Her monologues have been featured on ShowTime at the Apollo and HBO Latino Campaign. When not acting, Ms. Torres serves as a teaching artist in New York City. She can next be seen on Netflix’s Dare Devil.