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Festival Staff

Veronica Caicedo: Executive Producer

Jose A. Esquea: Festival Artistic Director

Eugene Abreu: Marketing Designer

Melody Beal: Festival Technical Director

Cliff Billings: Production Manager

Julie Meyers: Administrative Assistant

Ernest Bourne: Production Stage Manager

John Paul Melendez: Photographer

Jaime Perez: Light Board Technician

Luis Camacho Dilorenzi: Production Crew

Gian Higuera: Social Media

Michael Fernandez – Sound Operator

Christopher Cruz – Light Board Operator

Omayra Garriga – Lightning Designer

Jason Fok – Production Crew

13TH Annual The ONE Festival

“The storyteller alone holding the attention of the audience is the most basic and simple form of sharing the human experience.”

The ONE Festival Mission:


The ONE Festival creates a platform in which the most diverse, and creative solo performers have an opportunity to showcase their talent.


The ONE Festival History:


The festival was conceived in 2006. Festival founder Veronica Caicedo, a veteran of New York’s downtown theater scene has been involved in the direction and production of solo performance theater since 1993.


Veronica began producing solo performers showcases in 1995 in local books stores and later in in New York City public libraries at their request. Among the first participants in the those initial showcase productions was a then unknown Sarah Jones.


In 2006 Veronica was the managing director of Teatro LATEA. The theater was in desperate need of new and innovative programming, Veronica Caicedo with the support of then artistic director Jose Esquea proposed the idea of bringing her solo showcase into the theater and building a festival around it. The festival was aptly named “The ONE.” The result in the first year, was to the surprise of the theater and festival organizers, that the opportunity to do a high level performance on the New York stage brought submissions into the festival from all parts of the country and from overseas.


In its 12 year history the festival has seen its winners participate and win the downtown art theater festival and have honorable mention in the hip hop theater festival. Festival winners have performed in the Edinburgh fringe festival, at the Greenwich Theatre in London, and Equity approved productions in New York.


The festival has become a yearly showcase for the most exciting and innovative voices in theatrical solo performance around the world presented in New York City.


New York City’s longest running solo performers theater festival is 13 years old and returns to the The Clemente’s, Flamboyan Theater.


Come as we celebrate another significant year at the 13th Annual…The ONE Festival


Click Here: Learn more about the festival and sponsorship opportunities

Veronica Caicedo
The ONE Festival is now accepting submissions for 2018